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Legal Career Advice 

 Did it feel like the career services at your law school focused only on the top 10% while ignoring the other 90%? At Legally Bold, we provide the tools, strategies, and advice you never got in law school.

job Fulfillment

Every lawyer should have a job they love and experience fulfillment at work.  But when you are facing 100-hour weeks, demanding clients, and not-so-friendly colleagues, career fulfillment can seem like a pipe dream. Legally Bold's coaching programs are aimed at turning those dreams into tangible realities. 

Help taking Action

Do you plan to network every evening, but end up on the couch exhausted and scrolling through your phone? Despite our best intentions, we can't always make big changes on our own. Let Legally Bold provide the support you need to get the career you want and to break down anything that might be standing in your way. 

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are you yearning for a 21st century legal career?

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Hi, I'm Toya.
A few years ago, I felt like most of lawyers I know.
Although I was gainfully employed, I didn't feel as passionate or fulfilled by my legal job as I hoped I would after law school. 
I dreamed of an exciting career change, but couldn't afford to leave a stable job and salary without a good plan.
It also didn't help that I had no idea what I wanted to do next in my career.
So what happens when a lifelong overachiever has achieved everything she set out to, the law degree... the high flying job... the salary…the “success” status, and still isn’t fulfilled? Apart from the guilt that plays on loop saying: you literally have everything you thought you wanted, you should be grateful, not miserable. 
I decided I could either stay at my job and complain. Or I could get real about what I wanted and get the help I needed to achieve it.
After years of exploration and work, I created the 21st century legal career that I always wanted. Now I help other talented lawyers create modern careers with their law degrees too. 
You don't have to know your passion or where you want to go next. All you need to know for sure is that you deserve more and that you are ready to do what it takes to get there.
You didn't go to law school (or sign on to those student loans) to be miserable at work everyday. Let's get you the career you deserve.
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I have first hand experience that Toya is the best at what she does! - Yvonne SB

Ready to create a remarkable career with your law degree?


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Are you dreading the idea of returning to work on Monday, and it's only Sunday afternoon? Get the tools you need to create a job you love with your law degree.

legal entrepreneurship

Have you been sitting on a business idea for longer than you can remember? Launching a business can be hard, but Legally Bold is here to help.

I really enjoyed my session with Toya. I definitely walked away feeling more confident and with the ability to move forward to achieve my goals.  It gave me hope and made me realize that I am capable of doing this. - Martina Watson


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