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How To Show Up And Be Seen

So today I have a confession. Are you ready?  

Unlike all of these TikTok and social media stars out there, I’m not really into being the center of attention.

I don’t want to have all eyes on me. 

Instead, I want the right eyes —the eyes of friends, family, business partners, and those who have the potential to fit into those categories — to be looking my way. 

That’s also how I generally feel about my online business. I don’t need to go viral. Instead, I need the right eyes to look in my direction so that the right customers can find me.

Though I firmly believe in this philosophy, one of the problems with this business approach is that I don’t get to pick the eyes that look my way on social media. The algorithms do. As I’m sure you’ve heard, social media’s organic reach numbers aren’t in my favor. 

According to a 2021 study, Facebook’s organic reach sits at 2.2%. LinkedIn’s is 5%, and Instagram’s is 9%. This means that out of 100 followers, 2.2 people will see my posts on Facebook, 5 will see them on LinkedIn, and 10 people get a chance to look at them on Instagram.

Given these statistics, I quickly learned that to stay true to my philosophy and have clients, I would have to take a different approach to marketing my services. After much trial and error, here’s what has worked for me.

How To Show Up and Be Seen

Content Personalization 

The real competitive advantage of online business is personalization. Customers want to do business with someone who understands them and their needs. By embracing the things I have in common with my potential clients and listening to the voice of my customer, I can tailor my content to speak directly to their desires, challenges, and hopes for the future.  

Direct Connections

Instead of spending time playing the Race To Get Your Blue Check game on Instagram, I reach out to people directly. Regularly connecting with people in their DMs has produced more clients and opportunities for me than anything else. I’ve also been able to meet some fantastic colleagues and friends along the way. 

Sharing My Story

Another way I show up and be seen is through speaking engagements and podcast appearances. Unlike social media, where posting can feel like speaking into a void, you get immediate feedback from the audience at speaking engagements. The audience will tell you if your message resonates. They will also tell you what they need. This gives you a chance to refine your message and offers to meet those desires.  

Additionally, there is no better way to dive deeper into your story than through a podcast. Podcasts let audiences know you beyond a 140 character limit. These interviews usually go deep and provide you with an opportunity to share your opinions, world views, and mission. 

People want to know these things about you. Today’s consumer wants to work with providers and brands where there is a match in values. Podcasts give you an opportunity to put your values on full display. 

Podcast episodes also stick around for a very long time, which is an added bonus. I’m still getting clients and leads from episodes that I taped years ago.

What are your thoughts on visibility and business? How can you show up and be seen more? Let me know your feelings about this topic in the comments below.  

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