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The Surprising Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Leads To Personal Growth

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“What entrepreneurship has really helped me see, in terms of my personal growth, is how to not attach worthiness to a result.”

For the past several months now, I’ve been participating in a mastermind for black women entrepreneurs.

In addition to supporting, challenging, and keeping each other accountable, what Lisa Deveaux (@brownskinpilates), Tonya Baynes (@coachtonyabaynes), Tennille Raney (my sissy @themindfulscroll), and I (@legally.bold) often discuss is the impact of entrepreneurship on us personally, as women and members of a marginalized group. 

Because our conversations get good. Like really, really good…

We decided to have an open conversation on Facebook Live to discuss how personal growth and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. 

You can watch our 30-minute conversation by clicking below. 

During this chat, one of my favorite discussions concerned how high-achieving women, particularly black women, often tie their worthiness to a result. 

For most of us, entrepreneurship presents our first opportunity to consider why we are worthy as an adult, even if we don’t reach a business goal or things don’t go as planned. It’s also the first time we have to learn how to commit to the goal before any results show up and before we even know if there is a successful pathway to the goal.

As a practice, learning to make and maintain your commitment to a goal without any guarantees makes you mentally strong and resilient. But the process also is a hard one that, as I suggest in the video, will likely require therapy.  

I loved our talk. I think you will too.   

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