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6 Ways To Make A Career Change Less Difficult

One of the most often cited reasons for attending law school is this:   I didn’t know what to do after college, but I had good grades and didn’t like math.  Law school seemed like the best solution.

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Are You Over It? An Open Letter to the Successful But Unhappy Lawyer

  Where do you go when you have everything and nothing at the same time? Dear Successful But Unhappy Lawyer, First, it’s an honor to be writing to you. Whether you believe it or not, you’re a

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How To Negotiate With Heart and Hustle

When I was in college, my grandparents and parents came together and decided to purchase a car for my twin sister and I.  We were very excited, and because my grandparents lived in another state, my

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Lessons from My First Year As A Solo

As I reflect back on my first year in solo practice, it almost feels like a dream.  I spent much of the year experimenting with new things, worrying about things that were ultimately out of my control,

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