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imagine this... 

monday morning

  • As you lace up your sneakers for your morning run, you smile. Because you've taken control of your legal career, you are no longer at the mercy of a client's demands or a judge's calendar. You call the shots and can finally schedule in the "me time" you deserve. 

That Afternoon

  • You grab lunch with the team to continue talking about a project that has everyone fired up. Gone are the days of meaningless busy work just to increase billables and working with over-competitive jerks that make you want to run from the office. Everyone's contribution matters, and everyone wants to do great work for a client they truly respect. 

evening Wine Down

  • You make it home in time to grab your favorite glass of wine and dinner with your family. Because of your new career, there are no clients or higher ups pushing urgent, end-of-the-day "emergency" deadlines for assignments that can be (and usually are) completed the next day. Instead, your clients and co-workers respect your time, and they save the word "emergency" for the real life-or-death situations. 

This is what we want for you here at Legally Bold. Work that lights you up while giving you the freedom to nurture the other parts of your life. Work that pushes you toward mastery while leaving you with the time, energy, and disposable income to have a little fun. Work that you love and a life to match.

As A Lawyer, It Can Seem Like A Career Like That Doesn't Exist. But Legally Bold Is Here To Tell You That It Does. You Didn't Work That Hard to Get Your Law Degree only to Hate Going To Work Everyday. 

Let Legally Bold Help you Create The 21st Century Legal Career You Deserve.  

You're brilliant and you're like the queen of strategy. You must be very good at chess. (If you don't already play, you probably should) 🙂 It would be impossible to count all the ways in which you've helped me thus far. I actually have come to believe in myself a little more since we started talking. - Babila N.

Ready to create a remarkable career with your law degree? 

Let's Work TOgether To Get that DOne. Get All the info on our below.


release me

1-on-1 career Coaching for lawyers

Isn't it time you were happy in your legal career?  

Release Me Is: A 3-month coaching program specifically designed for lawyers to help them reimagine their careers so that they are never overworked, underpaid, or unhappy again.  Maybe that means setting boundaries or becoming more bold in your current role. But it can also mean moving to a different job or area of practice, setting up your own firm, or leaving the law altogether. We'll find out together using this 4-step process:  

Step 1:  Start Where You Are

Get to the bottom of your career unhappiness by turning a spotlight on your desires and purpose and how they mesh with your past positions and experiences.

Step 2: calibrate your compass

Create your Good Career Criteria by digging deep into your values, interests, skills, and needs. By doing this, you'll know whether or not to answer the door when an opportunity knocks.

Step 3: build your career roadmap

This is where we build your career development plan. We will determine the targets for the next phase of your career and create a step-by-step strategy to help you get there.

Step 4: future-proof your career 

In the 21st century, careers aren't stagnant. They grow and change with you. So in this step, we will future-proof your career by establishing your personal brand on LinkedIn and fine-tuning networking skills. This way you won’t have to go searching for new opportunities. They will come to you.

Here's What A Typical Coaching Package Includes

  • One (1) 90-minute clarity session to dig deep into the goals we'll tackle during our sessions;
  • Five (5) 60-minute coaching calls with implementation weeks strategically dispersed throughout to allow you the time and space to intentionally integrate what we talk about;
  • Unlimited email support between sessions for those moments when you need advice from someone in your corner (someone who won’t judge you...);
  • Tailored homework assignments between sessions to keep you on track; and
  • The accountability, confidence, and courage you need to get the career you want no matter what.
  • Investment: Packages start at $350/month

Grow me

1-on-1 business Coaching

 In a job, but really want to start a business?  

Grow Me Is: A program about serious action. Once you’re clear on where you want to go, this will help you get there. In 12 sessions. This practical process, developed from Toya's own experience of transitioning from attorney to business owner, will turn your big picture plans into small and simple steps that all lead to starting or scaling your business with more fire in your belly – and more cash in your bank account. With Grow Me, you'll learn: 

01:  Your Why -  define Your Business proposition and mission 

Define a strong business purpose, mission, and values right from the start so that you can channel your mission whenever you’re unsure about your direction.

02:  Your Who - hone in on your target audience and ideal client

Today's consumers don't want just any service, they want a service that is specifically designed for them. So getting to know the ins-and-outs of your target audience and ideal client are essential for your success.

03: Your What - create packages and your Business Back-end

Learn to package and price your services to sell along with business management systems that work (including a systemization of ethics requirements for professional legal practice).

04: Your when - develop a 21st century financial plan

Just like there is no romance without finance (song reference for those in the know), there is no business without money. Learn the ins and outs of making a financial plan that works.

05: Your where - (online of course) build a killer marketing & Sales system

Create a solid marketing and sales strategy that makes bringing in the business feel more fun than eating ice cream for breakfast.

Here's What A Typical Coaching Package Includes:

  • One (1) 90-minute clarity session to dig deep into the work we’ll do together over the 12 weeks; 
  • Eleven (11) 60-minute coaching calls with implementation weeks strategically dispersed throughout to allow you the time and space to intentionally consolidate what we talk about;
  •  Unlimited email support between sessions for those moments when you need advice from someone in your corner (someone who won’t judge you...);
  • Tailored homework assignments between sessions to keep you on track; and 
  • A customized business plan so that once your business is up and running, it keeps running smooth, systematically, and at the speed of Usain Bolt.
  • Investment: Packages start at $650 for a minimum of 6 months

Toya has a wealth of information for anyone interested in owning their own business. She’s helped me get organized, focused and motivated to grow my brand and take it to another level! Thanks Toya ???????? - Andrea Noel
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