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How To Show Up And Be Seen

So today I have a confession. Are you ready?   Unlike all of these TikTok and social media stars out there, I’m not really into being the center of attention. I don’t want to have all eyes on me.  Instead, I want the right eyes —the eyes of friends, family, business partners, and those who have …READ MORE

start with why
Start With WHY

In this post, I wanted to share WHY I do what I do here at Legally Bold.   In 2017, I wrote this post about my decision to take a sabbatical from work and focus on my mental health. At the time, my decision didn’t make much sense. I’d left my job about a year and …READ MORE

21st century
How To Create A 21st Century Career

Have you heard of Priya Parker? If not, let me make an introduction.  Priya Parker is an author, master facilitator, and entrepreneur. Her book, The Art of Gathering, has forever changed how I think about hosting every event in my life.   One of the most impressive things about Parker is her bio. Here’s an excerpt: …READ MORE

How To Know When It’s Time To Pivot In Your Career

Want to know when it’s time to pivot your career even if things aren’t falling apart?  Read on for some guideposts. Before Beyoncé was Queen Beyoncé, she was one of Destiny’s children. Before Oprah was a tv hostess, network owner, and knower of all things, she was a news anchor. Before Shonda Rhimes inked a …READ MORE

Why Mindset Makes The Biggest Difference When It Comes To Career Happiness

On a recent episode of the podcast Armchair Expert, the hosts interviewed Havard organizational psychologist Adam Grant. During the show, Grant explained what your web browser says about you based on a study by economist Michael Houseman.  A client asked Houseman’s consulting firm to figure out why some of their employees stayed at their jobs …READ MORE


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