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Hate networking? Read this…

No business is an island, which is why you need business relationships to inspire you, move your business forward, create referral pipelines, and collaborate on projects.So many people that I speak to

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How To Show Up And Be Seen

So today I have a confession. Are you ready?   Unlike all of these TikTok and social media stars out there, I’m not really into being the center of attention. I don’t want to have all eyes

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Why Networking and Purpose Go Hand-In-Hand

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing to you about designing a career on purpose and overcoming barriers. If you want to catch up on those posts, go here and here. This week I have to

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Why Personal Connections Matter to Your Job Search

For the past week, I’ve been obsessively watching the second season of the Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I’m not done yet, but I suspect that the second season might be even better than the

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How Important Is It To Find Your Community in Business?

There are moments in life where collectively we remember precisely where we were or what we were doing at that exact time.  For my parents’ generation, those defining moments were either the assassination

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Why You Need A Support Network and How To Build It

There is a famous quote by Arthur Ashe that goes, “success is a journey, not a  destination… .” While this piece of advice is 100% true, I think we should add another layer to this quote to make

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