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career change

6 Ways To Use The Summer Slowdown To Take Control Of Your Career

Even though the world is upside down, summer is still the perfect time to slow down while ramping up your strategy to change your career. Ahhh summer. Full of sunshine, beach days, pool parties, vacations,

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Reinvention As A Life Skill

  Reinvention means you commit to the idea that you won’t remain stagnant in your life. It’s not about drastically stopping one thing to pursue something else. It is about trying new

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What vs. How: It’s All About Intention

"We all know how to do something, or we know someone that knows someone who can show us how. So the only unknown that matters is our intention."  - Toya GavinAs the protests on and offline unfolded

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what is coaching

A Simple and Clear Definition of Coaching For the Rest of Us

So you feel completely lost in your career and have decided to do something about it, FOR REAL.Hooray!You are closer to your goal than a lot of people.Often when people feel stuck in their jobs, they complain

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keep going

How To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes entrepreneurship is extremely rewarding. You feel creative and connected to purpose and meaning in your work.At other times it's frightening, risky, and feels like you're trying to chip away

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identity and limiting beliefs

When Our Identity Becomes A Limiting Belief

(This is the final installment in the Legally Bold series on limiting beliefs and how they rob us of achieving fulfillment in essential areas of our lives. You can find the other posts in the series here.) Our

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