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5 Things You Should Know Before Building A Website

Throughout the summer we’ve been quietly working away at a few projects here at Legally Bold. One of those projects is a refresh of the website. We’re not changing any of the branding elements like

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when to pivot in business

How To Know When It’s Time To Pivot Your Business

Want to know when it’s time to pivot your business even if things aren’t falling apart?  Read on for some guideposts. Before Mark Manson became the internationally-known, best selling author

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Curiosity Trumps Passion: A Primer On Changing Your Career

In seasons of confusion, of loss, of boredom, of insecurity, of distraction, the idea of “passion” can feel completely inaccessible and impossible…But curiosity, I have

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marketing plan, marketing strategy, market research, how to get leads when you're just starting out

A Marketing Strategy For Newbies: How To Get Leads When You’re Just Starting Out

One thing that all successful online businesses seem to have in common is an excellent marketing strategy. Somehow they overcome our immediate inclination to be annoyed and not buy anything and replace

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How to Uncover Your Transferable Skills

When you decide that you are ready to make a change mid-career, it can be hard to figure out which skills apply in your new industry (aka are transferable) and which skills you need to put on the

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I Hate My Job and Don’t Know What To Do Next! Help!

If you’re in a job you hate, figuring out what to do next can feel pretty daunting, especially if you’ve worked most of your adult life to get there.   Take lawyers for example. If you’ve

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