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How To Overcome Barriers & Fulfill Your Purpose


In my last post, I wrote about what it means to live on purpose and how coaching helps with that process. As I talked with folks about this idea this week, I kept hearing the same response repeatedly.

Sounds good, but I have to get my _______ together first.

As in…

I want to start my business, but I have to get my finances together first.

I want to apply for that grant, but the application requires a picture. I need to get my body together first.

I want to quit my job, but I have to get my sh* together first.

Here’s The Thing…

Everything you have to do before you reach for your real dream is actually a barrier to that dream. Those barriers stop you from taking action today. And taking action right now, at this moment, is the only way to begin down the path of purpose.

So, for now, let’s assume that you won’t be getting your sh*t together. Let’s also assume that who you are today is the best version of you that will be in existence at least until the end of 2020.

From that place, what can you do today to move toward your purpose? Who can you contact? What can you research? What action feels like it will be the most impactful and scares you a little to perform?

Have an idea? Good. Now go do that thing. Purpose, like passion, requires action. And action leads to clarity and purpose.  




Have you done that thing yet? I’m going to take a guess and say no. I know I just asked you to come up with an idea, but let’s be honest. You’ve been mulling around that same idea in your head for a while now. You know what to do. You just haven’t done it yet. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because we all need support, and that’s where coaching comes in. 

We All Need Support

We all believe that we are capable of setting and achieving goals on our own. We think that if we just summon enough willpower, we will get the dream career, the dream relationship, and dream life in one felled swoop. 

Except that doesn’t happen. Year after year, when it comes to our real goals, we end up staying right where we are. 

If an athlete wanted to improve on the field, do they rely on willpower? Nope.

Even the most talented athletes in the world (I’m thinking about Serena Williams and Usain Bolt here), hire a coach. Because they know that winning or losing starts with your mentality, and coaching is the fastest and best tool to get you in the headspace you need to achieve.

Coaching isn’t magic or woo-woo. It helps you think in new ways and provides the support and accountability you need to get things done. 

And in today’s climate, shouldn’t we all be doing what we genuinely want to do with our lives? Shouldn’t we all be living on purpose?

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