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Start With WHY

start with why

In this post, I wanted to share WHY I do what I do here at Legally Bold.  

In 2017, I wrote this post about my decision to take a sabbatical from work and focus on my mental health.

At the time, my decision didn’t make much sense. I’d left my job about a year and a half before making this decision to start a solo legal practice working from home. 

That meant I was doing all of the jobs —the marketing, the sales, admin, and the legal work. Though I had some help from a few apps and contractors, the buck stopped with me. So if I didn’t work, I didn’t bring in any money. 

It also didn’t make sense because my business was growing. I was surprised by how well things were going as a first-time entrepreneur, and I love it. I loved my business model, my clients, and the idea that I could create something out of nothing.

Still, I was severely depressed (though I didn’t know it), and the cracks were starting to show. So much so that one of my best friends staged an intervention that got me into my therapist’s office. 

Those therapy sessions and the realization that there was no “7 Easy Steps To Fight Depression And Get Back To Normal In 3 Weeks or Less” guide led to my sabbatical.  

Though I knew I was making the right decision, it still felt scary, ill-advised, indulgent, crazy, and possibly the nail in the coffin of my future. 

So I wrote about it for Solo Practice University because I needed to tell other people who got it (aka other lawyers) just how scared I was.  

Looking back, I realize that writing that piece also lead me to coaching. 

Once SPU published the post, I started receiving messages and emails from other lawyers going through their own personal crises. Regardless of whether their struggles were physical, mental, or relational, they all knew they needed to do something life-altering. And they were all afraid to do it, just like me.  

After talking with a few of these attorneys, I recognized that I was good at helping people make decisions and inspiring them to answer the calling of their hearts. I also realized that I wanted to help other lawyers do that more than I wanted to go back to my law practice.  

So that’s what I did. Once I was well enough, I got my coaching certification and created Legally Bold.

I believe that loving what you do and knowing WHY you do what you do is the best recipe for a long, happy career and life. I would love to help you achieve your dreams and desires too. 

 If you need help or are just curious about this coaching stuff, let’s chat…just you and me in a free coaching session. Click here to schedule a day & time that works for you!